A-Z Information

A-Z Information


For more information about Latham Primary School please refer to A-Z at Latham

School Board

The School Board is made up of parent and teacher representatives, the principal and sometimes a representative of the community.  The Board oversees the governance of  finance,  policy, school planning. Meeting times are published in the school newsletter and set in advance. Parents are most welcome to contact Board members to make comments or suggestions.

School Crossing

Please encourage your children to use the school road crossings which are in operation when the flags are out.  Children should be told that when the flags are not out the crossings offer them no special protection and they should use normal procedures when crossing streets.  Parents should note that it is a traffic offence to park and obscure school crossings.

School Hours

The school operates between 8:57am to 3.00pm.  Students may arrive from 8:40am when there is a teacher supervising on the playground. If parents are unable to pick up their child by 3:00pm please notify the front office on 614 20077.

After school is provided by the YMCA from 3:00pm - 6:00pm.


It is a requirement of the ACT Government that there is no smoking on school grounds.  This includes the car park and playground.

Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team at Latham Primary School is made up of Year 5 and 6 students who make a positive contribution to the life of the students, parents and staff and the wider community. They represent the school with pride and honour and are role models for the younger students.
The specific responsibilities of the Student Leadership Team are:
* Meeting and greeting guests to our school
* Supporting and promoting our Global School Partnership with Kerobe Joybright Academy, Kenya
* Organise the annual Book Swap
* Facilitate Student Lunchtime Clubs as required
* Prepare for morning assemblies – music and microphones
* Gather student survey data as required
* Gather information from class meetings
* Attend a School Board meeting during the year and report in writing to each Board meeting
* Represent Latham Primary at Student Congress (2 SLT members)
* Manage lost property for the school
Members of the Student Leadership Team will be offered a one day student leadership course to assist them in their work.
Students Leadership members are expected to model Latham values and be role models for the student group. They will:
* Wear school uniform
* Wear a hat in the playground
* Be respectful of staff, parents and students
* Strive to be the best person they can

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team comprises of the deputy principal, executive teachers, school psychologist and the learning assistance teacher. Throughout the year each students academic and/or social and emotional development is monitored by the team.  Specific programs are developed and evaluated for children who have been identified as having special needs.

Sun Smart

Latham Primary is a Sun Smart School; our policy has been developed to ensure that all students and staff attending this school are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Children and staff wear a broad-brimmed hat, legionnaire style hat, or bucket hat with a deep crown that provides sun protection for the face, neck and ears, whenever they are involved in outdoor activities.  Children not wearing an appropriate hat will be expected to sit on a silver seat in the shade. In line with the Cancer Council's recommendation hats do not need to be worn in June and July.