Our School

Latham Primary School

Built in 1972, Latham Primary School is a beautiful little school in the Belconnen area. We have strong ties with our community and a long history of volunteer support. At Latham Primary our motto is 'Living to Learn', and our vision is that we support global citizens to belong, embrace learning and enjoy a quality education. We believe that all students and adults have the ability to be lifelong learners. We aim to provide students with an engaging and relevant curriculum where the learning process is just as important as the content. Learning how to learn and developing critical thinking skills in today's rapidly changing society is a focus for Latham.

Latham Primary School is committed to the development of the whole individual. The emphasis in our preschool and primary programs is to ensure that the students develop a strong sense of morality, integrity and care towards others. Everyone in our school community honours and practises our shared values of Respect, Motivation, Collaboration, Resilience and Positivity.
Students are encouraged to celebrate diversity, discover new interests, form new friendships and develop a style of leadership centred on service. The extensive curricular and co-curricular program provides students with a balanced development of the intellectual, emotional and physical elements of life. This enables our students to reach their potential both as a learner and as a member of the community.