School Values

Latham School Values

Ability to bounce back and continue to try when things don't go as planned
Being able to cope when things don't turn out how you like and persistence to try again
Ability to bounce back and move on from adversity or challenging situations
To be able to accept and adapt to change when being challenged by environmental or interpersonal factors in difficult or unfamiliar situations
Recognising and reflecting on circumstances or mistakes to adapt and move forward
Perseverance and flexibility

Sharing ideas and skills to achieve a common goal
Working together towards a common goal through listening and sharing while embracing each other's strengths
Working together to achieve more
Working together as a team to achieve a common goal
Working together through positive interactions to achieve a common goal

Valuing others' feelings, wishes, thoughts and their ability
Showing value of others and self in the things we do and say
Speaking politely, treating each other kindly and taking care of belongings
Acknowledging your own or another person's value through actions
Treating others equally without prejudice and consideration of race, colour, social economic status, beliefs or gender

The want to achieve
Driven by inspiration, desire and interest to be successful
Having a desire to/ or wanting to achieve or succeed
Being inspired to work towards improvement in daily situations, or short or long term goals
Identifying internal (self-awareness) and external (positive prompting) factors that give you the desire to achieve a goal

Looking for the best in every situation
Bright side of things
Seeing the potential in a situation or a person
Doing everything with a smile and being solutions focussed
Having a 'can do' attitude, embracing opportunities optimistically and looking for the good in very situation and person
Using encouragement to take on challenges and inspire improvement