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Principal's Message

Welcome to Latham Primary School!

We believe in the fundamental right to education as detailed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (the Convention). The Convention states that “all children have the right to an education that lays a foundation for the rest of their lives, maximises their ability, and respects their family, cultural and other identities and languages.

The Convention also recognises children's right to play and be active participants in all matters affecting their lives”.

Learning is the central focus for all of us here at Latham Primary School. Our school values underpin both our vision for the school, to develop global citizens and our mission, to provide a quality education where everyone belongs and embraces learning. Our school values of collaboration, resilience, motivation, respect, and positivity are recognised and celebrated across all years. Our school values were developed by our children, our staff team and our families.  We embrace the opportunities that the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum provide us in supporting children to learn about themselves and this amazing world we live in.

We have a strong focus on and an unwavering commitment to inclusion at Latham Primary School. All children and their families are welcome here. We know that families have a deep and rich understanding of their children and to be able to tap into this knowledge helps us to be the best school possible for each child.  We want to work in a true partnership with each of our families.

Latham Primary School is also passionate about our Cultural Integrity journey. This involves improving our knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Lyndall Read


Latham Primary School

Lyndall Read