K - 6 Learning Support Units

Welcome to term 1, 2022 - Every child is an artist! We cannot wait to nurture each students’ artistic abilities whilst we
explore past and present Australian artists.

Class Teacher
LSUA-TG  - Trudy Grant
LSUA-EW  - Erin Weston
LSUA -AZ   - Adrienne Zandona

LSA  - Yasmeen Sheikh
LSA -  Lisa Meredith
LSA -  Will Montgomery
LSA  - Yanni Droulias
LSA  - Julie Ayre

LSA -  Helen Misa
Executive  - Bec Smith

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Term Overviews

LSUA AZ Term 1 Letter 2022 (PDF 1.3 MB)

LSUA Term 1 Letter 2022 (PDF 1.3 MB)