School Board

School Board

School Boards work in partnership with the principal and have specific responsibility for establishing the strategic direction and priorities of the school, monitoring and reviewing school performance, maintaining and reviewing curriculum, approving budgets and policies for the effective use of school resources and management of financial risk.
Specifically, the Education Directorate requires the School Board to:

  • Establish strategic direction and priorities for the school
  • Approve the five year school Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plans
  • Approve and monitor the annual budget and monitor monthly budget reports
  • Monitor student performance through school-based and broader testing activities (e.g. NAPLAN)
  • Monitor and review school performance and to report on it to the Director General, parents/carers of students at the school and staff
  • Monitor the implementation of the Australian Curriculum
  • Develop, approve, monitor and review school based education and financial policies
  • Develop relationships between the school and the community and between the school and community organisations
  • Encourage parent/carer participation in their children’s learning.

The School Board has seven members in total, this includes, three parent representatives, two teacher representatives, the School Principal and an Education Department nominee.
Current members:

Parents: Sujit Mukherjee, Nicole Baillie and Julie Edgerton.
Teachers: Sandy Newberry and Isobel Short.
Principal: Lyndall Read
Education Department nominee: Vacant

School Board

The Board meets on a Wednesday at 5pm twice a term in weeks 3 & 8.

School Board Minutes

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