The P&C

The P&C Association is important for developing relationships within the school community.  The main objective of the P&C Association is to provide a forum where families, staff and students collaborate and contribute to the achievement and development of the goals and policies of the school in line with ACT public education.

At P&C meetings, the parents:

  • are updated by the Principal as an ex-officio member of the P&C about issues affecting their child's education and what is happening in the school
  • raise and discuss general issues  with other parents, the Principal, Deputy Principal and teachers
  • make fundraising decisions, and
  • contribute to the way P&C operates.

As well as events which the P&C run, parents are encouraged to take part in classroom activities to assist our students with learning tasks. Hearing children read, assisting with craft lessons for small groups or assisting with student writing are a few examples of parent participation.

Through subcommittees, the P&C manages the school canteen, school banking (through the Commonwealth Bank) and school uniforms. Events include discos, The Fetes, trivia nights, Mother's and Father's Day Stalls, raffle and other fundraising activities.

Latham Fete 2012