Wear it Purple Day - 27 August 2021

Posted on 25 Aug 2021

Wear it Purple Day 27 August 2021

Wear it Purple is a day of acceptance and to raise awareness that while we have made progress, young LGBTIQ+ people still experience discrimination, prejudice and harassment in our community. This year’s theme is “Start the conversation… keep it going”. This theme focuses on the important and necessary conversations we have in our daily life; particularly those that centre around sexual orientation and gender identity. It aims to remind people that the issues we reflect on during Wear it Purple Day should not only be considered on that particular day… but every day.

On behalf of Staff at Latham Primary School


Technical support during home learning

Posted on 25 Aug 2021

 Parents and carers, 

If you are experiencing technical difficulties during home learning there are a few options for support.

First point of contact will be your school info@lathamps.act.edu.au or (02) 614 20077 

If you are unable to get in touch with your school, you can contact the Directorate through (02) 6205 5429

Website details – Complaints, feedback and enquiries - Education (act.gov.au)

Access Canberra Online Form - Feedback and Complaints (act.gov.au)


Acknowledgement of Country

Posted on 22 May 2019

Reconciliation Week  27 May - 3 June. Grounded in Truth

Dhawra nguna, dhawra Ngunawal.

Yanggu gulanyin ngalawiri, dhunayi, Ngunawal dhwara. 

Wanggaralijinyin mariny balan bugarabang

We at Latham Primary would like to acknowledge and thank the Ngunawal people for letting us play, learn and live on this land. We respect your connection to this country, ongoing culture and elders. We will help pass on knowledge of the Ngunawal culture, languages and traditions. 

Ngunawal Language Revival Project Working Group 2018

Latham Primary School Cultural Integrity Project Team and Student Acknowledgement Working Group 2018