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Posted on 26 Jun 2020

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Chief Minister's Reading Challenge

Posted on 24 Mar 2020

2020 Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge

Every student at Latham Primary can participate in the Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge (CMRC) this year. This is an annual event in the ACT to promote reading for children.

In 2020 the CMRC runs from 17 February to 31 July. During this period students from Preschool to Year 6 are asked to read and record the titles of thirty (30) books they read. The reading record is attached if your child needs a copy. Students can make their own book choices, including picture books, novels, non-fiction, poetry, or books in a language other than English. Books read to students may also be recorded.

As another option, older students may read a book and then write a book report about it. This can be recorded as two items on the student reading record. The written report shows further engagement and deeper understanding with texts through reading and responding.

Students who successfully complete the CMRC will receive an award for their efforts at the end of the year.

For more information please follow this link:

Happy reading everyone!

Acknowledgement of Country

Posted on 22 May 2019

Reconciliation Week  27 May - 3 June. Grounded in Truth

Dhawra nguna, dhawra Ngunawal.

Yanggu gulanyin ngalawiri, dhunayi, Ngunawal dhwara. 

Wanggaralijinyin mariny balan bugarabang

We at Latham Primary would like to acknowledge and thank the Ngunawal people for letting us play, learn and live on this land. We respect your connection to this country, ongoing culture and elders. We will help pass on knowledge of the Ngunawal culture, languages and traditions. 

Ngunawal Language Revival Project Working Group 2018

Latham Primary School Cultural Integrity Project Team and Student Acknowledgement Working Group 2018