Years 5 and 6

What a year the 2020 school year has been so far. We have had such an interesting start and we are definitely putting our resilience into action. We are so proud of our students and how they have handled our transition into online learning, you continue to blow us away with your work ethic and motivation. We understand that this is a strange time for our Year 6’s and not the last year of primary school they were expecting, but there are so many things to still look forward to this year. Just continue to stay positive and future thinking, we are with you every step of the way.

  • Class Teacher
  • 5/6 LR - Hobbits                           Laura Ryan
  • 5/6 LJ - Dwarves                          Lynette Johns
  • 5/6 YY - Elves                              Yueni Yang
  • Senior Executive Teacher            Daniel Manestar

5/6 Theme - ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R Tolkien

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Term Overviews

Year 3_4 Term 2 Letter 2020 (PDF 237.8 KB)

Year 5_6 Term 1 Letter 2020 (PDF 414.4 KB)

Years 5_6 Term 4 overview (PDF 251.3 KB)

Year 5_6 Term 3 letter (PDF 235.8 KB)

Year 5_6 term 2 letter 2019 (PDF 189.0 KB)

Year 5_6 Term 1 Letter 2019 (PDF 496.7 KB)