Years 1 and 2    

Welcome to Term 1 2019. We hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely break and are ready for all learning term 1 will bring. We are the 'Rockstars' and we are going to rock our learning this year .

If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us.

Sim Riddle, Melissa Orton, Michael Smith, Tania Blak and executive Melissa Mongan

For more information on what we will be doing through the term please click on link below

Term 1 Letter 2019

Term Overviews

Year 1_2 - Term 1 Letter (PDF 554.1 KB)

Term 4 Letter - years 1_2 (PDF 403.6 KB)

2018 Term 2 Letter Years 1_2 (PDF 571.3 KB)

Years 1_2 Term 1 Letter (PDF 384.8 KB)

Term 4 Letter - Year 1_2 (PDF 98.0 KB)