K - 6 Learning Support Units

Welcome to a new school term. We aim to provide an interesting range of teaching and learning experiences that are tailored to the needs of your child. At times throughout the week, students will integrate into other classes to support social development.

LSU Classes
Class: K-6S  Teacher: Peter Simmons  Support:  Annette Watson
Class: K-6L  Teacher: Erin Weston Support: Gemma Stolzheim

If you need to contact us our email address is peter.simmons@ed.act.edu.au; erin.weston@ed.act.edu.au

Term Overviews

LSUA EW - term 2 letter 2019 (PDF 209.3 KB)

LSUA PS Term 2 Letter 2019 (PDF 172.0 KB)