K - 6 Learning Support Units

Welcome to the 2017 school year. We look forward to working with the students, developing their skills as they become organised and independent learners.

LSU Classes
Class: K-6S  Teacher: Peter Simmons  Support:  Annette
Class: K-6L  Teacher: Jan Support: Julie-Anne

Important Dates - Term 1
'5 cent Drive' starts - Monday 20 February
Canberra Day – Monday March 13
Harmony Day – Tuesday March 21
School Photos - Tuesday 28 March
First Aid Training - Monday 3 April - Wednesday 5 April
Cross Country - Wednesday 5 April
Breakfast Club is on every Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:30am - 8:50am Things to remember
Assemblies in Term 1 will be on Wednesday afternoons of odd weeks at 1:45pm

Please see attached Term 1 letter

Term Overviews

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